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Abundance Soap - Mint, red clover, & basil

Abundance Soap - Mint, red clover, & basil

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Bring some abundance into your life with these minty-fresh soaps! 

Infused with ingredients used for centuries to attract luck and money, as well as chlorella powder which is has been used to nourish the skin with antioxidents. 


Ingredients: Olive oil; mint, basil, & red clover tea; saponified olive oil, cocoa butter, castor oil, shea butter, chlorella powder, French green clay, sweet basil essential oil, peppermint essential oil, cinnamon leaf essential oil


More info about the shapes: 

When the neolithic sculpture of the Venus of Willendorf was originally discovered, it was assumed that she represented a fertility goddess. However, a recent theory posits that she may actually be a post-menopausal woman. This soap is a celebration of abundance and luck throughout the lifespan of women and femmes.


In Celtic mythology, dragons are earth protectors. This shape is infused with intentions for abundance and health for the earth, making it a great choice for environmentalists, gardeners, and land stewards.

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